These cases are criminal in nature, although they can involve civil penalties, such as a suspension of driving privileges. DUI laws often include prohibitions against driving under the influence of controlled substances as well.

Most states prosecute drunk driving in three ways. First, a conviction can be based on the amount of alcohol in the defendant's blood, as measured immediately following the arrest. The legal limit in all states is currently .08%, with lower limits for commercial drivers and minors. This type of prosecution is called a "per se" DUI. It requires only that the state prove that a blood alcohol content test was administered, and that the result exceeded the legal limit.

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Police: Payments mishandled

A former employee at an Albuquerque law firm is facing embezzlement allegations after clients complained that they weren't being credited with thousands of dollars in payments they made over the course of several months in 2013, according to Albuquerque police.

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APD assault case settled for $60,000

City taxpayers will soon shell out $60,000 as part of a settlement reached with a man who claims an Albuquerque Police Department officer kicked him in the face at least once, breaking his jaw, after he had surrendered during a foot chase, according to the man's attorney.

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